Forced labour in the daily round 1938–1945 : catalogue of the permanent exhibition of the same name

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Forced labour in the daily round 1938–1945 : catalogue of the permanent exhibition of the same name
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Statement of Responsibilityproject manager, Dr. Christine Glauning.
Summary"[This book] documents important contents of the permanent exhibition of the same name with many, partly unknown, photographs, documents and objects on the history of Nazi forced labour and the aftermath. [The volume] includes biographies of forced labourers as well as German perpetrators, professionals, spectators and helpers." Publisher
  • Forewords / Ugo Brilli and François Cavanna
  • Preface / Andreas Nachama
  • Forced labour in the daily round 1938–1945. About the exhibition / Christine Glauning
  • Forced labour in the Nazi State. An overview / Uta Frohlich, Christine Glauning, lris Hax, Thomas Irmer, Frauke Kerstens
  • In the middle of the city : GBI camp 75/76 in Berlin-Schöneweide / Daniela Geppert
    • Biographies: Ugo Brilli, Hans Freese, Elli Köhn
  • A cornerstone of the Nazi State. Logic and logistics of forced labour
    • Exploitation instead of social care. Forced labour for unpopular natives
    • Carrot to stick. Recruiting and levying forced labour
    • Forced labour on the doorstep. POWs, civilian workers, concentration camp inmates
    • Biographies: Rudolf Kirsten, August Frolian, Hildegard Simon, Alfred Eschhaus, Franz Mende, Marcel Leroy, Fritz Sauckel, Max Frauendorfer
  • 44 Marks for Germans, 5 Marks for Russians. The daily work of a forced labourer
    • Maids (and men) of all work. The fields of work of forced labourers
    • Working for the enemy. Important war products, resistant behaviour
    • Biographies: François Cavanna, Zinaida Ivanovna Bashlai, Kurt Güther, Fritz-Karl Engel, Genowefa Czub, Galina Fjodorovna Romanova, Coenraad Liebrecht Temminck-Groll, Hanns Benkert
  • No freedom in free time. The daily life of a forced labourer
    • Basic needs? Abolished! Housing, health, food
    • Freedom of movement as a question of survival. Social contacts, free time, air raids
    • Women and children last. Pregnancy, child mortality, child labour
    • Biographies: Karel Jakeš, Horst Steinert, Johann Niedzwiedzki, Lyubov Vasilievna Abashina, Alfred Quellmalz, Karl Weninger
  • Those who want to live, risk their lives. Disciplining through terror
    • Forced labourers punished with more forced labour. Arrest, prison, camp internment
    • Murder disguised as justice. Special courts, special treatment, police everyday
    • Biographies: Theo de Jooden, Maria Kawecka, Paul Elbers, Frieda Stranz, Nikolay Fedorovich Galushkov, Rosemarie Heinze
  • At an end but not over. Dealing with Nazi forced labour after 1945
    • From forced labourers to Displaced Persons. War's end and returning home
    • Fighting for justice for decades. Court processes, remembrance, compensation
    • Biographies: Leonid Ivanovich Ryabchenko, Bolesław Zajączkowski
Physical Description 271 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm
Carrier Typevolume
Publisher[Berlin] : Dokumentationszentrum NS-Zwangsarbeit der Stiftung Topographie des Terrors
Edition2nd revised edition
NotesTranslation of: Alltag Zwangsarbeit 1938–1945 : Katalog zur gleichnamigen Dauerausstellung
RecognitionGifted in 2017 by Dokumentationszentrum NS-Zwangsarbeit Berlin-Schöneweide