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Toward the understanding and prevention of genocide : proceedings of the International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide

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Toward the understanding and prevention of genocide : proceedings of the International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide
Call No: 304.663 T737

Call Number304.663 T737
Dates1984; ©1984
Statement of Responsibilityedited by Israel W. Charny.
Creators & ContributorsCharny, Israel W. (editor)
Fein, Helen (contributor)
Kuper, Leo (contributor)
Hawk, David R. (contributor)
Legters, Lyman Howard (contributor)
Mace, James E. (James Earnest) (contributor)
Hovannisian, Richard G. (contributor)
Dobkin, Marjorie Housepian (contributor)
Kaldi, Leita (contributor)
Phun-tshogs-dbaṅ-rgyal, ʼBa-pa (contributor)
Penkower, Monty Noam (contributor)
Aronson, Ronald (contributor)
Santoni, Ronald E. (contributor)
Charny, Israel W. (contributor)
Vanderhaar, Gerard A. (contributor)
Eckardt, Alice (contributor)
Hartman, Dieter-Dirk (contributor)
Grossman, Frances G. (contributor)
Rudnycʹkyj, Jaroslav B. (contributor)
Gurdus, Luba Krugman (contributor)
Felstiner, John (contributor)
Hunt, Chester L. (contributor)
Eckardt, A. Roy (Arthur Roy) (contributor)
Berger, Alan L. (contributor)
Bronkhorst, Daan (contributor)
Lieblein, Julius (contributor)
Beres, Louis René (contributor)
Howard, Ephraim M. (contributor)
Howard, Yocheved (contributor)
Kutner, Luis (contributor)
Littell, Franklin H. (Franklin Hamlin) (contributor)
Ajamian, S. (Shahe) (contributor)
International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide (1st : 1982 : Tel Aviv, Israel) (contributor)
Summary"The historic International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide took place in 1982 in the face of opposition from the government of Israel, following threats from the Turkish government over Armenian participation. This book brings together transcripts of the round table discussions from the conference and emphasizes proposals for the prevention of future acts of genocide. The contributors provide case studies, look at the emergence of nuclear and other threats to the survival of the human race, and consider the role of the arts, religion, and education in understanding and preventing genocide." —About the Book and Editor summary
ContentsPart I. Scenarios of Genocide Past and Future
  1. Scenarios of Genocide: Models of Genocide and Critical Responses / Helen Fein
  2. Types of Genocide and Mass Murder / Leo Kuper
Part II. Case Studies
  1. Pol Pot's Cambodia: Was It Genocide? / David Hawk
  2. The Soviet Gulag: Is It Genocidal? / Lyman H. Legters
  3. The Man-Made Famine of 1933 in the Soviet Ukraine: What Happened and Why? / James E. Mace
  4. Genocide and Denial: The Armenian Case / Richard G. Hovannisian
  5. What Genocide? What Holocaust? News From Turkey, 1915–23: A Case Study / Marjorie Housepian-Dobkin
  6. Gypsies and Jews: Chosen People / Leita Kaldi
  7. Tibet: A Case of Eradication of Religion Leading to Genocide / Phuntsog Wangyal
Part III. Dynamics of Genocide
  1. From Holocaust to Genocides / Monty N. Penkower
  2. Societal Madness: Impotence, Power and Genocide / Ronald Aronson
  3. Nuclear Insanity and Multiple Genocide / Ronald E. Santoni
  4. Genocide and Mass Destruction: A Missing Dimension in Psychopathology / Israel W. Charny
  5. Genocidal Mentality: Nuclear Weapons on Civilian Populations / Gerard A. Vanderhaar
  6. Power and Powerlessness: The Jewish Experience / Alice L. Eckardt
  7. Compliance and Oblivion: Impaired Compassion in Germany for Victims of the Holocaust / Dieter D. Hartman
  8. A Psychological Study of Gentiles Who Saved the Lives of Jews During the Holocaust / Frances G. Grossman
  9. Linguicide: Concept and Definition / J. B. Rudnyckyj
Part IV. Arts, Religion and Education
  1. German Expressionism Heralding Genocide and the Holocaust / Luba K. Gurdus
  2. The Search for a Language: Translating Paul Celan / John Felstiner
  3. A Critical Evaluation of the Resistance of German Protestantism to the Holocaust / Chester L. Hunt
  4. The Holocaust and (Kiveyachol) the Liberation of the Divine Righteousness / A. Roy Eckardt
  5. Holocaust: The Pedagogy of Paradox / Alan L. Berger
Part V. Toward Intervention and Prevention
  1. Extrajudicial Executions, International Alerts and Campaigning / Daan Bronkhorst
  2. The Bottom Line in Preventing Future Holocausts / Julius Lieblein
  3. The United Nations and Genocide: A Program of Action / Leo Kuper
  4. Reason and Realpolitik: International Law and the Prevention of Genocide / Louis René Beres
  5. From Theory to Application: Proposal for an Applied Science Approach to a Genocide Early Warning System / Ephraim M. Howard & Yocheved Howard
  6. World Genocide Tribunal: A Proposal for Planetary Preventive Measures Supplementing a Genocide Early Warning System / Luis Kutner
Part VI. Epilogue: The International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide, June 1982
  1. The Holocaust and Its Lessons: Excerpts From the Keynote Address to the International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide / Franklin H. Littell
  2. Why Remember? Suffering as a Link Between Peoples / Archbishop Shahe Ajamian
  3. Round Table Discussion Following Briefing on the Conference Crisis
  4. Conference Summation Panel and Round Table
Physical Description xix, 396 pages ; 22 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherBoulder, CO : Westview Press
EditionWestview Replica Edition
NotesIncludes bibliographies and index
RecognitionGifted in 2016 by Keiko Yokosawa in memory of Professor John D. Klier