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Fragment of prayer book burned during Kristallnacht

Museum Work

Resource TypeDocuments
Date of CreationUnknown, recovered 10 November 1938
GenreReligious Materials
Object ID2009.004.001
Previous NUmber2009.006.001
Place of CreationUnknown
Place of Creation NoteRecovered in Berlin, Germany
DescriptionBurned fragment of a prayer book. Text appears on both sides of paper, which is discoloured from fire exposure. Edges are noticeably charred. 
Materials/Techniquespaper, ink
Measurements6 x 7 cm
ProvenanceGifted to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre in 2009 by Andrew Rosengarten.

The donor's mother, Eveline Rosengarten (née Berger), was the original owner. She found the burned prayer book fragment in front of Fasanenstrasse Synagogue in Berlin, Germany on November 10, 1938, following the destruction of the building during the Kristallnacht pogrom. 

Fragment believed to be from the Siddur Sephat Emet (Rodelheim), page 90.
Classificationprayer books, fragments (object portions), Judaica
Legal Statuspermanent collection
NoteFragment has been removed from frame.