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The Holocaust : Europe, the world, and the Jews 1918–1945 

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The Holocaust : Europe, the world, and the Jews 1918–1945 
Call No: 940.5318 G57h

Call Number940.5318 G57h
Dates[2013]; ©2013
Statement of ResponsibilityNorman J. W. Goda.
Creators & ContributorsGoda, Norman J. W. (author)
Summary"The Holocaust: Europe, the World, and the Jews is a readable text for undergraduate students... The author provides a broad set of perspectives, while emphasizing the Holocaust as a catastrophe emerging from an international Jewish question. This text conveys a sense of the Holocaust's many moving parts. It is arranged chronologically and geographically to reflect how persecution, experience, and choices varied over different periods and places. Instructors may also take a thematic approach, as the chapters have distinct sections on such topics as German decisions, Jewish responses, bystander reactions, and other themes." —Publisher
  1. The Jewish Question to Modern Times
    • Jews and Christians in the Ancient World
    • Ashkenazic Jewry in the Middle Ages
    • Emancipation and Acculturation in Western Europe
    • Modern Antisemitism
  2. A People Apart: World War I and Its Aftermath
    • The Embrace of Mass Violence
    • Germany's Defeat and the Early Weimar Republic
    • Jews in Postwar Poland and Romania
    • The Zionist Solution
    • Other Destinations: The Americas and Europe
  3. Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party, and the Jews
    • Adolf Hitler's Early Years
    • Hitler and the Jewish Enemy
    • How Hitler Came to Power
    • The Nazi Police State
  4. The Tide of Persecution, 1933–1939
    • Propaganda: The Nazi Representation of Jews
    • Anti-Jewish Measures, 1933–1935
    • Readying for War
    • The Nazi Effect in Eastern Europe
    • Kristallnacht
  5. No Safe Haven: The World and the Jewish Question, 1933–1939
    • Jewish Responses to Persecution
    • Palestine, the Arab Revolt, and the White Paper
    • The Jewish Question on the World Stage
    • Desperation: The Évian Conference and After
    • The Vatican and the Jewish Question
  6. The Assault on Poland's Jews, 1939–1941
    • The Nazi Assault on Poland
    • Schemes for Jewish Colonization
    • Ghettoization in Poland
    • Jewish Councils
    • Jewish Self-Help, the JDC, and the Underground
  7. Western Europe, the War, and the Jews, 1939–1942
    • German Jews in Wartime
    • Germany and the Jews of the Netherlands, 1940–1942
    • Vichy France, the Germans, and the Jews, 1940–1942
    • Was Escape Still Possible?—Aliyah Bet
    • Other Escape Routes: The Americas and Asia
  8. Other Enemies: Steps Toward Mass Murder
    • The Ad-Hoc Killing of Social Outsiders
    • Foray into Mass Murder: Killing the Disabled
    • Alien Elements: Africans and Roma
    • Hitler's Southeastern Allies: Romania
    • Hitler's Southeastern Allies: Croatia
  9. War of Extermination: The Campaign in the USSR, 1941
    • Preparing Mass Murder
    • Jews in the USSR on the Eve of Barbarossa
    • The Onslaught: Pogroms
    • The Onslaught: Systematic Shooting
    • Romania's War on the Jews
  10. The Holocaust in the USSR: The Jewish and World Response, 1941–1944
    • Jewish Reactions: Recognition and Survival
    • Varieties of Jewish Leadership
    • Jewish Resistance in the USSR
    • The Soviets, the Allies, and the Holocaust in the USSR
  11. Aktion Reinhard and the Final Solution in Poland, 1942–1943
    • The Decision to Kill Europe's Jews
    • Aktion Reinhard and Poland's Jews
    • Word Leaks: From the Ghettos to the Allies
    • Warsaw: From Deportation to Uprising
    • The End of Aktion Reinhard
  12. Auschwitz: The Final Solution in Europe, 1941–1943
    • Auschwitz
    • The Destruction of the Reich's Jews
    • The Destruction of the Jews of the Netherlands
    • Vichy, the Franch, and the Jews
    • The Allies and the Bermuda Conference
  13. Rescue: The Final Solution Interrupted, 1942–1943
    • The Nazis and the Jews of the Middle East
    • The Germans, the Japanese, and the Shanghai Ghetto
    • Rescue in the North
    • Italy and the Final Solution
    • The Silence of the Vatican
  14. Hitler's Southeastern Allies and the Hungarian Jewish Catastrophe, 1941–1944
    • Romania Reconsiders
    • The Survival of Bulgaria's Jews
    • Hungary, the Jews, and the War
    • The German Occupation and the Holocaust in Hungary
    • Jewish Leaders and the Hungarian Catastrophe
    • The Allies and the Hungarian Jews
  15. The Reich's Destruction and the Jews, 1944–1945
    • Auschwitz: The Final Act
    • Budapest Under the Arrow Cross
    • From Evacuations to Death Marches
    • Himmler's Bargains and the Reich's Destruction
  16. Legacies: 1945 to the Present
    • Refugees
    • Justice in Occupied Germany
    • Justice, Politics, and Holocaust Narrative in Europe
    • Germany and the Nazi Past
    • Jewish Memorialization
Physical Description xii, 388 pages : illustrations, maps; 24 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherBoston : Pearson
NotesIncludes bibliographical references and index
RecognitionGifted in 2013 by Richard Menkis