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The car with the yellow star : fourteen days out of two decades

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The car with the yellow star : fourteen days out of two decades
Call No: 940.5318 F95c

Call Number940.5318 F95c
Statement of Responsibilityby Franz Fühmann.
Creators & ContributorsFühmann, Franz (author)
Becker, Joan (translator)
Summary"Here is an Odyssey of misled German youth who grew up in the years of the Third Reich. The story of one schoolboy, his adolescence and his early manhood that reads like autobiography. The seeds of Nazi ideology were planted when the boy was very young. Frightening tales about the Jews (he had never seen one!) found fertile ground in the mind of a highly imaginative child... The false heroics of Hitlerism completed the job. Any doubts he might have had were quickly put aside in his eagerness to be accepted and to serve his Fatherland. He grew to manhood without ever seeing the horror of the world in which he lived: a young man, complex, whose escape was in composing gloomy poetry and dreaming of a 'greater' Germany. It was not until he was a prisoner of war that he began to understand the nature of fascism, and to look into himself." —About the Book
  • The Car with the Yellow Star: 1929, World Depression
  • Prayers to Saint Michael: February 12, 1934, Uprising of the Vienna Workers
  • The Defense of Reichenberg Gymnasium: September 1938, Before the Munich Conference
  • Down the Mountains: October 1938, Occupation of Sudetenland
  • A World War Breaks out: September 1, 1939, Outbreak of World War II
  • I Determine to Be a Good Master: June 22, 1941, Invasion of the Soviet Union
  • Discoveries on the Map: December 1941, Battle before Moscow
  • To Each his Stalingrad: February 1943, Battle of Stalingrad
  • Völuspa: July 20, 1944, Attempted Assassination of Hitler
  • Plans in the Blackberry Grove: May 8, 1945, Capitulation of Hitler's Wehrmacht
  • Rumours: July 1945, Potsdam Conference
  • A Rainy Day in the Caucasus: April 21, 1946, Congress at which the German Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party united to form the Socialist Unity Party
  • A Day like all the Others: October 10, 1946, Sentences passed at Nuremberg Trials
  • For the First Time: Germany: October 7, 1949, Founding of the German Democratic Republic
Physical Description 174 pages ; 19 cm
Carrier Typevolume
LanguageEnglish, Translated by Joan Becker.
PublisherBerlin : Seven Seas Books
NotesTranslation of: Das Judenauto