Still image from Robbie W. Holocaust testimony, August 29, 2010.
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Robbie W. testimony 2010 [video recording]

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDRW1008_04_VD
Date of Recording29 August 2010

InterviewerKrieger, Kit
IntervieweeWaisman, Robbie
Duration2h 5m 0.0s
SynopsisRobbie W. was born in Skarżysko-Kamienna, Poland in 1931. He describes his family and their religious life. He describes the Jewish community. He describes his first experience with antisemitism. He recalls his early education. He recalls his older brothers’ involvement with Zionist organizations. He describes changes after 1939 and increased roundups. He describes how his parents arranged for him to stay with another family. He recalls ghettoization and returning to his family. He describes conditions in the ghetto. Robbie recalls how one of his brothers arranged work for him in a munitions factory. He describes learning survival skills from his brother. He describes typhus in the barracks and the death of his brother. He recalls being saved from a transport truck by a guard. He describes other incidents of receiving assistance. He describes forced labour digging ditches on the way to Cze̜stochowa, Poland. He describes working in a munitions factory and seeing his father for the last time. He describes transportation by train to Buchenwald. He recalls arriving at the camp and describes the conditions. He describes being taken to a block for political prisoners. He recalls liberation by American soldiers. He describes receiving medical help. He describes learning that his sister survived and going to visit her at Feldafing DP camp. He describes being sent to France with a group of children from the camps. He describes trying to integrate with other French teenagers. He recalls reuniting with an aunt and discovering his two friends were also his cousins. He recounts learning how members of his family died. He discusses sharing his story with his wife and children. His discusses his faith. He discusses why he shares his story and the importance of educating students. 
Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.