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Alex B. testimony 2008

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDAB1010_02_VD
Date of Recording28 October 2008

InterviewerDodek, Irene
IntervieweeBuckman, Alex
Duration1h 12m 40.0s
SynopsisAlex B. was born in Brussels, Belgium on October 31, 1939. Alex describes his family. He does not recall what his home was like before the war. He speaks about his religious identity before the war as secular Jews and during the war as Catholic. Alex’s father arranged for him to hide with a Catholic family after Germany invaded Belgium. He discusses being transferred from family to family and later an orphanage. Alex recalls a typical day in the orphanage and his experience there. Alex describes his parents and extended family’s deportation to various concentration camps. Alex describes his aunt’s life in Ravensbrück and her liberation. Alex recalls learning about his parent’s death and his adoption by his aunt and uncle. He discusses his family immigrating to Montreal and life in Canada. He discusses returning to Belgium and finding people who helped him during the war. Alex recounts how his aunt’s letters and recipe book were found. 
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