Still image from Ed G. Holocaust testimony, June 19, 2009.
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Ed G. testimony 2009

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDEG0906_01_VD
Date of Recording19 June 2009

InterviewerRichards, Paul
IntervieweeGaerber, Ed
Duration2h 6m 49.0s
SynopsisEd G. was born in L'vov in Eastern Poland on August 28, 1929. He describes his family and recalls that they moved to Zloczow in Southeastern Poland. He describes attending school at a compulsory Soviet school after occupation in 1939. He describes the Jewish community. He describes anti-Jewish regulations and changes to his father’s medical practice. He describes his family fleeing towards Romania and being convinced to return home by Jan Kwapinski. He recalls the Kwapinski’s hiding with his family. Ed describes the German invasion. He recalls pogroms and the construction of a concentration camp outside the city. He recalls hiding and avoiding round-ups. He describes receiving assistance from the Polish underground and escaping to Warsaw. He recalls hiding, staying in safe houses, and an incident of being reported to the Gestapo. He describes his family contemplating suicide but going to hide in a suburb of Warsaw. He recalls hiding on a farm where a SS Wiking division office was set up. He describes evacuating the farm as Soviet troops were advancing. He recalls liberation by Russian troops. He describes traveling to Lodz and experiencing antisemitism after the war. He describes leaving Poland for Czechoslovakia and then Paris. Ed describes immigrating to Canada. He discusses his experience sharing his story and artefacts.
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