Still image from Saul C. Holocaust testimony, February 18, 1998.
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Saul C. testimony 1998

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDSC9802_01_VA
AVT #125
Date of Recording18 February 1998

InterviewerSoriano, Erin
IntervieweeCohn, Saul
Duration1h 59m 5.0s
SynopsisSaul C. was born in Krakow, Poland on June 19, 1925. He describes his family. He recalls his early education. He recalls that his father tried to arrange for his family to go to the United States to live with relatives but they were unable to due to quotas. He describes how his father was in the army and was captured then imprisoned in Russia. He describes his father’s return. He describes forced labour. He describes his family’s move to Częstochowa, Poland. He discusses their living conditions and food rationing in the ghetto. Saul describes the liquidation of the ghetto and being separated from his mother, sister, and brother. He, along with his father and other brother, was transferred elsewhere. He describes work in the camp helping a blacksmith. He describes hiding in a cellar in the nearby ghetto but being caught by police. He describes his escape from the police. He describes returning to the camp to find his father. Saul discusses his decision to escape with a friend. He describes finding a group of partisans who threatened to kill them when they learned that Saul was Jewish. He describes malnutrition and harsh winter conditions. He describes returning to the camp and being interrogated by the Gestapo. He describes being transferred to Buchenwald and meeting his father there. He describes being assigned work at Strasbourg mines in a factory. He describes a forced march. He describes liberation. He discusses learning his father perished. He describes crossing into Austria with a false identity document. Saul describes working for UNRRA at Linz-Bindermichel DP camp. He describes contacting relatives in the United States and immigrating to New York. He discusses meeting his wife and finding work. He discusses his relationship with his relatives. He discusses sharing his experiences. He describes moving to Vancouver. He discusses visiting Israel. Saul explains that there is much he hasn’t shared in this testimony and in his book. Saul shows photographs and documents. 
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Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.