Lilli F. testimony 1983
Still image from Lili F. Holocaust testimony, June 8 1983.
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Lilli F. testimony 1983

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDLF8306_02_VA
AVT #11
Date of Recording08 June 1983

IntervieweeFolk, Lilli
Duration1h 56m 56.0s
SynopsisLili F. was born in 1924. She describes living in Eastern Poland with her family. She recalls the Russian invasion and her father’s arrest shortly after. She describes encounters with antisemitism at school. She describes her family’s transport by train to Siberia to work on a farm. She describes attending school on the condition that she keep her Jewish identity secret. She describes the harsh living conditions. She recounts how her brother joined the Polish army and his experience. She describes how her family went to the Ukraine and received assistance from a priest from their hometown. She describes receiving papers to return to Silesia and discovering that no family was left. Lili describes her family’s travels through Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Germany after the war. She describes reuniting with her brother. She married at the end of the war and describes being pregnant at this time. She discusses her family’s choice to immigrate to Canada. She describes settling in Canada and making friends. She discusses sharing her experiences with her children. She discusses her motivations for giving testimony. Lili shows photographs.
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RightsVancouver Holocaust Centre Society for Education and Remembrance | Holocaust Documentation Project | Principal Investigator: Robert Krell, M.D. | Consent to Record and Retain Records (fn: Under the auspices of the Vancouver Holocaust Centre Society for Education and Remembrance) on file
NoteTestimony simultaneously recorded on video and audio cassette.
Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.