Julio Mate interviewed by Erin Soriano, May 13, 1983.
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Julio M. testimony 1998

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDJM9805_01_VA
AVT #126
Date of Recording13 May 1998

InterviewerSoriano, Erin
IntervieweeMate, Julio
Duration1h 37m 13.0s
SynopsisJulio M. was born in Hetes, Hungary on April 27, 1916. He describes his family. He recalls his early education and having to leave school to go to work. He describes being drafted into the Hungarian army work battalion and going to the Russian front. He describes being sent to a concentration camp in Poland by German troops. He describes the conditions of the camp and selection for labour. Julio describes witnessing abuse by the guards. He recalls physical injuries. He describes evacuation to Dachau. He recalls an order given to send prisoners to Switzerland, being given clothing and food from the Red Cross, and travelling by train. He recounts how the train was stopped by German officers who began moving prisoners by truck and learning the prisoners were being killed. Julio describes escaping. He describes liberation by American troops and his hospitalization. He describes returning to Hungary and reuniting with his brother. He describes waiting for papers to join an elder brother in Chile. He recalls the long trip to Chile, learning the language, finding work, and meeting his wife. He describes immigrating to Vancouver in 1976 to join his son. Julio shows photographs.
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