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Rescue in Albania: one hundred percent of Jews in Albania rescued from Holocaust

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Rescue in Albania: one hundred percent of Jews in Albania rescued from Holocaust
Call No: 949.6502 S24r

Call Number949.6502 S24r
Dates1997; ©1997
Statement of ResponsibilityHarvey Sarner.
Creators & ContributorsSarner, Harvey (author)
SummaryEven before the Second World War started, Albania was a haven for Jews escaping from the Nazis. Untold thousands were able to get visas to pass through or stay in Albania. Jews have lived in Albania since he start of the C.E. with the last influx at the end of the 19th century. 

When the Nazis asked for a list of Jews, in 1943, the Albanian puppet government refused, and Jews went into hiding. Albanian Jews, and others who were fortunate enough to get into Albania, were hidden by Albanian Moslems and Christians and all escaped the Holocaust.

Until Recently, the closed Balkan country of Albania followed an isolationists policy and no one outside the country reported the noble deeds. In 1991, the majority of the Jewish community moved to Israel. They brought with them documents attesting to the wondrous rescue by the Albanian people, who just now are receiving the honors they have well earned. —Book cover
Contents1. Albania at war
  • Greece 
  • Civil war
2. The immigration
  • The first wave
  • The second wave - from Salonica and Spain
  • The third wave - from Janina to Vlora
  • The Romanists
  • Vlora
3. Ambassador Bernstein and the false Messiah
  • The false Messiah
4. In Moslem Albanian during the Ottoman period.
  • Independence movements
  • The Millet System
  • Jews in the Ottoman army
  • Corfu
5. The inter war period
  • Janina (Ioanina)
  • The four Vilayets
  • Map of the four Vilayets
6. Jewish refugees
  • Albanian government
  • Financial and other support
  • Italy and the Italian occupation
  • Thea annexed territories
7. The Germans
  • Request for list of Jews
  • Negotiations
8. The Righteous and the Holocaust
  • Mihal Lekatari's story
  • The Veseli and Mandil families
  • Atif and Ganimet Toptani
  • Sulo Mecaj
  • The Nosi family (Vasil and his sister Adeline)
  • Beqir Qoqja
  • Metin, Azis and Shpresa Ruli - Ali Kuci
  • The Budo family
  • Besim and Aishe Kadiu
  • Shyqyri Myrto
  • Other righteous gentiles
9. Survivors tell their stories
  • Johanna Jutta Neumann
  • Statement of Dr. Anna Kohen
  • Irene Grunbaum
  • "Why?"
  • The moral code of Albanians
10. After World War Ii
  • The Jews after the war
  • Under the communists
  • Israel
  • The atheistic state
  • Jewish life before and during the atheistic period
  • Burial
  • Rabbis
  • Circumcision
  • Synagogues
  • Marriage
  • Kosher
  • Holidays
  • Hebrew language
  • Jewish homes
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Trades and professions
  • Assimilation and conversion
  • Names 
  • Money to buy land in Israel
  • Emigration from Albania before 1991
11. The righteous among the nations
  • Righteous gentile program
  • Righteous gentiles visit Israel
             - Exodus 1991
             - 1991 Emigration
             - Albania today
Physical Description xii, 106 pages: illustrations, map, portraits ; 23 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherCathedral City, CA: Brunswick Press
EditionFirst Edition
  • A short (incomplete) bibliography: pages 95–96
  • A paper booklet entitled "The Jews of Albania" was published in 1992 by the same author and publisher, and some informations repeated.