Andre B. testimony 1996
Still image from Andre B. Holocaust testimony, May 8, 1996.
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Andre B. testimony 1996

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDAB9605_01_VA
AVT #123
Date of Recording08 May 1996

InterviewerFell, Charlene
IntervieweeBlitz, Andre
Duration2h 26.0s
SynopsisAndre B. was born in Amsterdam on September 27, 1937. He describes his family and recalls them moving to Naarden in 1940. He describes how his father brought him and his sister to stay with a family in a small city and never seeing his parents again. He recalls staying with this family for six weeks and then with another family for two and a half years. He describes hiding for long periods and not being allowed outdoors. Andre explains how his father arranged payments and how they probably ran out. He describes traveling to Cornjum on a transport of children and being smuggled out after a worker noticed he and his sister were Jewish. He describes being placed with a very poor family who were very kind and allowed them in the garden. He describes liberation by Canadian troops and returning to Amsterdam. He describes being located by an aunt and uncle. He recalls living with them and being subject to mental and physical abuse. He describes being placed in a Jewish orphanage. He describes attending different schools. He discusses learning about how he was Jewish (his parents had not been religious). He describes leaving the orphanage at 18 and starting working. Andre describes how he met his future wife. He discusses why they left Holland for Canada. He discusses how he began attending survivor conferences and sharing his experiences. He discusses his relationship with his wife (who is also a survivor). He discusses his relationship with his children. He discusses his faith and sense of Jewish identity.  Andre shows photographs and artefacts. 
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NotePoor sound quality throughout the video recording. Testimony was recorded simultaneously on video and audio cassette.
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Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.