A secret press in Nazi Europe : the story of a Jewish united partisan organization
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A secret press in Nazi Europe : the story of a Jewish united partisan organization

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A secret press in Nazi Europe : the story of a Jewish united partisan organization
Call No: RBSC 947.93 K88s

Call NumberRBSC 947.93 K88s
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Statement of Responsibilityby Isaac Kowalski.
Creators & ContributorsKowalski, Isaac (author)
Kaplan, Abrasha (related)
ContentsPart one. Background
  • Why Vilna is called the "Jerusalem of Lithuania"
    • Dr. Jacob Wigodski; Polish Pres. Ignacy Moscicki
  • Danzig—World War II
    • German soldiers breaking up Polish frontier
    • German bombers; Defenders of Danzig led to execution
    • Polish and Jewish POW's; Polish officer is surrendering
  • The attack on the Soviet Union
    • The selection
Part two. Preparation for resistance
  • Driven into the ghetto
    • Pola Deiches
    • Jewish Student Organization; Boria Szneider
    • Boria Friedman; Rivka Karpinkes, Isaac Kowalski, Fejge'le Milstein
  • Life in a "stabilized" ghetto
    • Kittel
    • Franz Murer; Martin Weiss
    • Jacob Gens; Anatol Frid; Salek Dessler
Part three. U.P.O. (United Partisan Organization)
  • The organization of the U.P.O.
    • Mordechei Tenenbaum-Tamarow; Moshe Balasz; Rushka Zilber; Sara Zilber
    • Tamara Szneiderman; Frumka Plotnicki; Arie Wilner; Schlomo Entin
    • Andzej Labedz; Tosia Altman; Edek Boraks; Chajka Grosman
    • Joseph Glazman; Itzik Wittenberg; Abrasha Chwojnik; Nisl Resnik; Aba Kowner
    • A resemblance of Sonia Madejsker and Itzki Wittenberg
    • Ghetto prison
  • Partisan hymn
    • Stairs to YIVO interior
    • Temporary hiding places of weapons
    • Liza Magun; Michal Kowner; Julian Jankauskas
  • The Nazi "culture corps"
    • A secret apartment that belonged to the U.P.O.
  • A secret press is established
    • Witka Kempner; Moshe Brause; Izke Mackiewicz
  • The first diversion
  • Black flags
  • Counterfeit documents
    • Nionia Telerant
  • We need money
    • Murawczyk
    • Niusia Lubocki-Dlugi; Chaim Lazar
  • They want to get rid of us...
    • David Swirski; Raszke Markowicz
  • Suicide and a murder in the ghetto
    • Dr. Gersz Gerszuni
  • Let him die a "natural death"
    • A group of Jewish partisans in the Rudnicki forest
  • A broken finger
    • Children partisans
  • A Gestapo agent inside
    • Partisans are mining a track
    • Simon Wiesenthal; Dr. Mark Dworzecki
  • Anton Schmidt
    • Adolph Eichmann
  • A Gestapo officer saves me...
    • Resemblance of martyrs to their doom
  • Jan Pszewalski
    • Miriam Ganionska; Natek Ring
  • The Intelligence Unit
    • Miriam Bernstein; Micke Lipenhold
    • Jasha Raff; Baruch Goldstein; Partisans reading a front-bulletin
  • Ghetto Jews as saboteurs
    • Father and son; Cwi Lewin, Janek Sztul; First police-station in the ghetto
  • Orphans of the ghetto
    • Children from the cooperative
    • Muszkats ghetto children
  • Some ghetto folklore
    • A group of Jewish partisans; Nisn Rojtbord, Mordechei Szames; Judith Solonojc
  • Two lives on my conscience...
    • The "Herrenfolk" are freezing; Wounded partisans
  • Frozen apples
  • The newspaper will not appear
    • Sonia Buksztelski, Frania Warszawczyk
  • The first contacts with the forest
    • Sonia Madejsker as Katarzyna Romanowska; Cesia Rosenberg
    • Preparation for destruction of a railroad
    • Joseph Glazman
  • Joseph Glazman
    • Itzik Wittenberg
  • Itzik Wittenberg
    • Courtyard of the Judenrat
  • Itzik Wittenberg (song)
    • Resemblance of Itzik Wittenberg
    • Ilya Scheinbaum
  • 12 Straszuna Street
    • Ruszka Korczak
    • Casket of Ilya Scheinbaum; Pesia Scheinbaum-Bernstein; Gravestone of Ilya Scheinbaum
    • 12 Straszuna ruins (Isaac Kowalski; Abraham Suckewer)
    • Berl Druzgenik; Berl Szereszyniewski
  • The tragic first battle
  • Youth song
    • Dr. Kutergene; Janowa Bartosewicz; Sofia Binkene; Maria Fedecki
    • Jadzia Dudziec; Anna Shimajtis; Masha Iwaszkiewicz; Marila Wolski; Victoria Grzmilewski
  • Shining figures
    • Entrance to Choir Shul; Herman Kruk; Magister M. Balberiszki
    • Masha Rolnik
    • Brothers Ricowicz; Witka Kempner, Ruszka Korczak, Zelda Treger
  • Mother of the Benedictine Cloister
  • Soviet bombardments of Vilna
    • Straszun library
  • The editor arciszewski
  • They fought back!
  • From the ghetto chronicle
    • Warsaw ghetto in flames
    • Mordechei Anielewicz
    • Vice President Nixon and wife, Pat, at the ruins in Warsaw ghetto
    • Burning ghetto fighter; Gen. Jurgen Stroop
    • Germans by Warsaw ghetto gates
  • The Warsaw ghetto uprising and its roots
    • Jacob Kaplan; Asia Bik; Jewish people are hanged
  • The executions
    • Eulogizing Kovno fighters
    • A sign in front of Vilna ghetto
  • Maimonides is quoted...
    • "Yellow certificate"-action
  • The tragedy of the Second Battalion
    • Mayer Blit; Moshe Szymeliski
  • The beginning of the end
    • Partisans are hanged
    • U.P.O. battle point (window); Chawa Glezer-Kozlowski; Danke Lubocki
    • Grisha Gurwicz; Szmulke Kaplinski
  • The sewer
    • Jewish partisans
    • Esther and David Ehrlich; Children hideout
Part four. Forests
  • Narocz forest
    • Szmerke Kaczerginski; Abraham Suckewer
  • The partisan Jew
  • The big raid
    • German SS in pursuit of partisans
    • Pol Bagranski; Dr. Leon Bernstein; Beila Gelblath
  • My work at the brigade staff
    • Montage of a clandestine publication
  • The parachute drops
    • A Nazi strongman
    • Father Daniel (Shmuel Rufeisen); Ruth Ben-David (Madeleine Perrie)
  • Shmuel Rufeisen (Oswald)
    • Destruction of eight high-tension pylons on the Paris-Hendaye line
    • Destroyed railroad tracks in Nazi Europe
  • Ponary
    • Joseph Bielic; Shlomo Gol; Dr. Moshe Okuniew; Isaac Schwarc; Ponary before the war
    • Massacred in Ponary; Killed Soviet war prisoners
    • Ladder where victims were carried
    • Digging their own graves; Bunker and ladder of corpse-diggers
  • Spies at the base
    • Ejfe; A group of Jewish partisans
  • Lena
    • Lea Guberski
    • Doba Deweltow; Chaya Shapiro-Lazar
  • Lady-couriers on the move...
    • Jewish police
    • Zelda Treger, Dina Grinwald
    • Abrasha Tchuzoj; Abrasha Sabrin; Alexei Kapler
  • The first mine in the Rudnicki forest
    • Group of Jewish partisans in Naliboki forest
  • I am wounded
    • Shmuel Shapiro; Sanke Nislenowicz; The repairer of arms
  • A horse's luck
    • Dwora Reckin, Abrasha Labit, Meier Ickowicz
  • The village—Koniuchi
  • The love affair
    • Partisans in winter
    • Chaim Lazar; Shimon Bloch; A. Kot
  • The war invalid
    • Kovno partisans; Partisans in search and destroy action
  • The Kovno fighting group
    • Chaim Jelin and Moshe Muslis in conspirative room
    • Statue of Chaim Jelin
  • The land army (A.K.)
    • Szlomo Brand, Elchonon Magid
    • American GI liberated from Limburg prison camp
    • English PW's; Russians beating up a Nazi
  • Interview with Kube's assassin
  • As sheep to the slaughter?
  • The late comers
    • Boris Jochej preparing to blow up a railroad
    • Editorial staff of the Lithuanian division
  • "Sam Naczalnik" (On my own)
Part five. Liberation
  • On the eve of liberation
    • "Katuschas" in action; Marshal Ivan Konev, Gen. Omar Bradley
    • Three crosses by the Wilenka river; Army and partisans in battle of Vilna streets
    • Noima Markeles, Szmerke Kaczerginski, Aba Kowner, Isaac Kowalski, Ilya Ehrenburg in Vilna
  • The battle for Vilna
    • Marshal Ivan Chernickowski with Illya Ehrenburg; An American MP and a Russian policewoman
  • With Marshal Chernickowski
    • Jewish partisans are reading front news in liberated Vilna
    • Hitler's fourteen year old soldiers; Soldiers of the Lithuanian brigade
    • A memorial to the martyrs of Ponary; Prof. Colonel Rebelski by the pits of Ponary
    • Survived Jewish children; Actor Berman; Jacob Prener
    • Teachers and governesses of the Jewish school
  • A helping hand
    • A group of former U.P.O. members; Zarecza cemetery
  • The last bombardment
    • A street in Vilna after the war
  • Jewish names
  • My meeting with President Paleckis
  • Epilogue Estonia
    • Zelig Kalmanowicz
    • Russian troops surging towards Berlin; German officers are paraded in Moscow
    • Box with the dead Adolf Hitler; Autopsy Commission with corpse of Reichs Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebels
  • Important dates
    • Admiral Friedenburg and Gen. Jodl signed surrender for the Third Reich; Destroyed Berlin bunker
    • Martin Weiss and August Hering tried in Wurzburg, Germany
    • Vilna Gaon (Elijah ben Solomon Zalman)
  • We are praised...
    • Golda Meir speaks at Madison Square Garden
    • Secret press bunker
    • Former partisan leaders visited Poland
    • Jewish writers in Paris; Former U.P.O. members by a gathering of the author of this book
  • Selected bibliography
  • List of Jewish partisans
  • Postscript
    • Gen. Bernard Montgomery, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gen. Ivan Susloparov, Gen. Francois Sevez
  • In memory of fallen partisans
Physical Description 416 pages : illustrations, map (on lining papers), portraits ; 24 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherNew York : Central Guide Publishers, Inc.
  • Includes unaccompanied melodies with words
  • Bibliography: pages 403–404
  • Book mentions Abrasha Krizowski (Abrasha Kaplan) on page 195
RecognitionGifted in 2017 by Odie Kaplan
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