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Is war men's business? : fates of women in occupied Kraków in twelve scenes

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Is war men's business? : fates of women in occupied Kraków in twelve scenes
Call No: 943.8053 M99i

Call Number943.8053 M99i
Dates2011; ©2011
Statement of ResponsibilityAnna Czocher, Dobrochna Kałwa, Barbara Klich-Kluczewska, Beata Łabno.
Creators & ContributorsCzocher, Anna (author)
Kałwa, Dobrochna (author)
Klich-Kluczewska, Barbara (author)
Łabno, Beata (author)
Salwiński, Jacek (contributor)
Akavia, Miriam (contributor)
Długosz, Elżbieta (contributor)
Peleg, Avery (contributor)
Jasicki, Jan (contributor)
Kęcki, Kamil (contributor)
Bassara, Krzysztof (contributor)
Wójtowicz, Krystyna (contributor)
Tomaszewski, Janusz (contributor)
Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa (contributor)
Akavia, Miriam (subject)
Bednarska, Pelagia (subject)
Justyna (subject)
Hochberg-Mariańska, Maria (subject)
Jasicka, Janina (subject)
Lanckorońska, Karolina (subject)
Manor, Eugenia (subject)
Mazurek, Aniela (subject)
Mianowska, Aleksandra (subject)
Mikołajewska, Zofia (subject)
Rajca, Aleksandra (subject)
Tomaszewska, Zofia (subject)
Summary"As demonstrated by the example of the twelve heroines, war is also the business of women, who make brave decisions, perform daring actions, and take upon themselves dangerous tasks that many a male hero would not consider a disgrace at all. War is waged no only on the battlefield; war is also the perilous everyday reality, the struggle with pain and fear, and dramatic responsibility for the children and household. It is also the necessity to provide for the daily existence; it is taking the most difficult decisions and supporting the husbands, fathers, and sons." Beata Łabno, Curator of the Exhibition, Back cover
  • Foreword / Jacek Salwiński
  • Uneven roads to gender equality: the situation of women in the Second Polish Republic / Dobrochna Kałwa
  • "Heroines of everyday life": Krakow women of the German occupation period, 1939–1945 / Anna Czocher
  • "Is war men's business?": introduction to the exhibition / Beata Łabno
  • Miriam Akavia / Beata Labno, Miriam Akavia
  • Pelagia Bednarska / Beata Łabno
  • Gusta Draenger / Elżbieta Długosz
  • Maria Hochberg Mariańska / Avery Peleg, Beata Łabno
  • Janina Jasicka / Jan Jasicki, Beata Łabno
  • Karolina Lanckorońska / Kamil Kęcki
  • Eugenia Manor / Beata Łabno
  • Aniela Mazurek / Krzysztof Bassara
  • Aleksandra Mianowska / Beata Łabno
  • Zofia Mikołajewska / Krzysztof Bassara
  • Aleksandra Rajca / Krystyna Wójtowicz
  • Zofia Tomaszewska / Janusz Tomaszewski, Beata Łabno
  • Women in post-war Poland: paradoxes of the Communist reality / Barbara Klich-Kluczewska
  • Krieg ist Männersache? Frauenschicksale im besetzten Krakau in zwölf AufzügenZusammenfassung
Physical Description 106 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherKraków : Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa
  • Includes bibliographical references
  • Catalogue of exhibit of same name held at the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków, Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory, Kraków, 4 Lipowa Street, November 16, 2011–April 22, 2012
RecognitionGifted in 2018 by Barry Dunner