• Belgian resistance armband
    Photographed by Katie Powell, July 2019

Belgian resistance armband

Museum Work

Resource TypeObjects
Date of Creationcirca 1944
GenreClothing, Jewellery & Textiles
Object ID2018.009.002
Place of CreationBelgium
DescriptionWhite cotton armband with grosgrain ribbon in colours of Belgian flag (navy, yellow, red). Text stamped in black and red ink on one side. 
Materials/Techniquesoverall: cotton, grosgrain ribbon
Measurements9.5 cm x 14.7 cm
InscriptionsMNB / FO - B4224

Circular red stamp: M.N.B. / FOREST / BRIGADE
ProvenanceGifted to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre in 2018 by Alex Buckman. 
Classificationarmbands, brassards (military armbands)
Legal Statuspermanent collection
Credit LineCourtesy of Alex Buckman
Part ofObjects
NoteThe armband was worn by the donor's uncle, Jacques Buckman, as proof that he was member of the Belgian resistance. Jacques was free during the German occupation of Belgium and lived hiding his Jewish identity. He was able to send packages to his sister, Rebecca, in Ravensbrück and brother-in-law, Herman Teitelbaum, in Buchenwald.