Karte vom Mittelmeerraum [Map of the Mediterranean]

Museum Work

Resource TypeDocuments
Date of Creation1942 [depicts]
GenreMaps, Plans & Architecture
Object ID2017.018.002
CreatorZentralverlag der NSDAP München 22 [publisher]
Central publisher of the NSDAP, Munich 22
Place of CreationGermany [published]
Place of Creation NoteMediterranean and North Africa [depicts]
DescriptionTwo-page map insert from "Die Post" Sonderheft 5 [The Post, Special issue 5] depicting North Africa. 
Materials/Techniquesoverall: paper, ink
Measurements59.7 cm x 89.7 cm
ProvenanceCollection of 4 maps of Europe found with unprocessed materials in 2017 during inventory. 
Classificationmaps (documents)
Legal Statuspermanent collection