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Imprint : a memoir of trauma in the third generation

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Call Number306.8745 S56i
Dates[2017]; ©2017
Statement of ResponsibilityClaire Sicherman.
Creators & ContributorsSicherman, Claire (author)
Sicherman, Claire (subject)
Summary"Claire Sicherman knew that most of her ancestors—her great-grandparents, her great-aunts and great-uncles, her cousins—had been killed in the Holocaust. She knew that her grandparents, her babi and děda, had only barely survived. She knew that her grandfather's leap from a high apartment building window, later, in Canada, had been a leap from despair and a spiraling depression. She knew her grandmother had persisted in spite of it all. What she did not understand was the ways in which those generational traumas lived in her own body. When her baby son, Ben, nearly asphyxiated during labour, the anger and grief of Sicherman's ancestors woke in her, compelling her to confront them, to seek their stories, and, ultimately, to pursue a healing that she could translate for herself and for Ben as he grew older. In interwoven lists, letters to Ben, journal entries, memoir and story, Sicherman examines and then interrogates her family history and her own experience in that sharp and beautiful way that only writers who work in the spaces between genre can do. At one point, Ben, now nine, asks, "Is your book about me?" and Sicherman answers unequivocally, "Yes." As readers, we smile: of course this book is not just about Ben; it is about Sicherman's ancestors, about Sicherman herself, about generational trauma, about the lingering ghosts of the specific event of the Holocaust, about how important it is that we do not forget. But then we consider Ben's question again, and we understand. This book has always been about Ben, about how this generational trauma will continue in his body, in his experience. Above all, Sicherman's book bears witness to that inheritance—and to the possibilities for healing." —Back cover
Physical Description 207 pages ; 21 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherHalfmoon Bay, BC : Caitlin Press
NotesIncludes bibliographical references (pages 204–205)
RecognitionGifted in 2018 by Claire Sicherman, who offers this dedication: "My maternal grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust and I am their legacy. Each day I make a choice to keep creating new narratives for myself and to live my life in their honour, in the honour of all survivors, and in the honour of all those who perished in the Holocaust."