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The more I know, the less I understand : young researchers' essays on witnessing Auschwitz

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The more I know, the less I understand : young researchers' essays on witnessing Auschwitz
Call No: 940.5317 A932ka

Call Number940.5317 A932ka
Dates2017; ©2017
Statement of Responsibilityedited by Dr. Bożena Karwowska, Anja Nowak.
Creators & ContributorsKarwowska, Bożena (editor)
Nowak, Anja (editor)
Cywiński, Piotr M. A. (contributor)
Dawson, Maria (contributor)
Liu, Joe (contributor)
Denault, John (contributor)
Cheung, Melody (contributor)
Brewster, Sara (contributor)
Hass, Riley (contributor)
Tsang, Vivian (contributor)
Ng, Joanne (contributor)
Ferguson, Megan (contributor)
Gustavo Halaburda, Carlos (contributor)
Franzen, Carolina (contributor)
Wachtel, Amir (contributor)
Passey, Jessica (contributor)
Shaw, Meredith (contributor)
Winckler, Emily (contributor)
Hill, Ellyn (contributor)
Galpin, Mikiko (contributor)
Tong, Audrey (contributor)
Kim, Jae Hyun (contributor)
Bryn-Mcleod, Helena (contributor)
University of British Columbia. Witnessing Auschwitz: Conflicting Stories and Memories Program (contributor)
Summary"The essays that you will find in this book are the result of a long journey. They have been written by undergraduate students who came to Poland from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), as a part of the intensive research seminar Witnessing Auschwitz. Coming from various backgrounds, personal as well as academic, students invested an incredible amount of time and dedication into learning about the camp and the crimes committed there. Each study in this volume is based on the unique interests of these young researchers and will highlight a particular aspect of history related to Auschwitz. The texts come with invaluable footnotes by experts in the field who accompanied our students with advice and support throughout their research." —Back cover
  • Place of Memory. Place of Learning. Place of Reflection / Piotr M.A. Cywiński
  • From the Publishers / Bożena Karwowska, Anja Nowak
Policies (camp, economy and industry)
  • The Roles of Food in the Development and Implementation of Nazi German Policies / Maria Dawson
  • Deciphering Business Relationships in Nazi-German Occupied Europe: Business Ethics in Dealing with Morally Questionable Regimes / Joe Liu
Prisoners (struggle, resistance and art)
  • The Gladiators of Auschwitz: Boxing Within the Camp / John Denault
  • Artist and Witness: Conversation Through Forbidden Art / Melody Cheung
  • The Feuerwehrkommando of Auschwitz-Birkenau / Sara Brewster
  • Resisting the Concentration Camp: The Stories of Selected Escapees from Auschwitz-Birkenau / Riley Hass
  • Passive Resistance: Keeping Humanity Alive in the Fences of Auschwitz / Vivian Tsang
  • Music in KL Auschwitz: An Exploration of the Role and Meaning of Music at Auschwitz / Joanne Ng
Prisoners (testimony, education, questions for the future)
  • Impressions of Alma Rosé: Conflicting Perceptions of the Famous Conductor of the Birkenau Women's Orchestra in Other Prisoners' Accounts / Megan Ferguson
  • Afterword Reading Lessons with Primo Levi: The Survivor in the Grey Zone / Carlos Gustavo Halaburda
  • Holocaust Survivors' Memoirs—Difficult Questions / Carolina Franzen
  • Lessons From the Prisoner Physicians of the Holocaust / Amir Wachtel
Aftermath (liberation, loss and commemoration)
  • Who Liberated Whom from What? The Soviet Liberation of Auschwitz / Jessica Passey
  • Commemorative Efforts Outside of Those at Former Camp Complexes: Northeast Poland's "Non-Lieux" and "Lieux de Memoire" / Meredith Shaw
  • A Language Lost: The Holocaust's Impact on Yiddish Language and Literature / Emily Winckler
Commemoration (memory, politics and museum work)
  • A Borrowed Belonging: Hair at Auschwitz / Ellyn Hill
  • A Cycle of Persecution: Romani Culture and the Baro Porajmos / Mikiko Galpin
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum's National Exhibitions: Spaces of Histories, Memories and Identities / Audrey Tong
  • The Holocaust in South Korea's Public History / Jae Hyun Kim
  • Remembrance and Reality: The Holocaust and Social Media / Helena Bryn-Mcleod
Physical Description 268 pages, 7 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 21 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherOświęcim : Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
  • "UBC Witnessing Auschwitz" —Cover
  • Includes bibliographical references
RecognitionGifted in 2018 by Shannon LaBelle & Kevin Forbes