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Nazi culture : intellectual, cultural and social life in the Third Reich

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Nazi culture : intellectual, cultural and social life in the Third Reich
Call No: 943.086 M91n

Call Number943.086 M91n
Dates1966; ©1966
Statement of Responsibilityby George L. Mosse ; translations by Salvator Attanasio and others.
Creators & ContributorsMosse, George L. (George Lachmann) (author)
Attanasio, Salvator (translator)
Summary"What was life like under the Third Reich? What went on between parents and children? What were the prevailing attitudes about sex, morality, religion? How did workers perceive the effects of the New Order in the workplace? What were the cultural currentsin art, music, science, education, drama, and on the radio? Professor Mosse's [offers] extensive analysis of Nazi culture... Selections from newspapers, novellas, plays, and diaries as well as the public pronouncements of Nazi leaders, churchmen, and professors describe National Socialism in practice and explore what it meant for the average German." Publisher
  1. Hitler Sets the Tone
    • Editor's Introduction
    • From Culture as the Faith in an Ideal Reich to Its Diffusion Among the Masses
      • The Power of Ideals
      • The Aryan as Custodian of Culture
      • The State Is Not an End But a Means
      • The Jew Has No Culture
      • The Necessity of Propaganda
      • How Hitler Viewed the Masses
      • Education Must Be Based on Ideals
      • Education, Instinct, and Will
    • Hitler Defines Culture in Defining Art
      • The Cultural Renascence
  2. What Sort of a Revolution?
    • Editor's Introduction
    • The Good Fight
      • Here Marched the New Germany / Friedrich Joachim Klaehn
      • A Meeting-Hall Brawl / Kurt Massmann
    • The Bonds of Family
      • National Socialism Has Restored the Family / Hanns Anderlahn
      • The German Volk Is an Interlacing of Families / Ludwig Leonhardt
      • Marriage, Morality, and Property / Hermann Paull
    • The Ideal of Womanhood
      • The Tasks of Women / Adolf Hitler
      • Emancipation from the Emancipation Movement / Alfred Rosenberg
      • Domestic Diligence from Blood and Soil
      • The Female Bird / Joseph Goebbels
      • Women That We Can Love
      • Frau Goebbels on German Women
      • The Blond Craze
      • A Shiny Nose and the German Nation
      • Faith and Beauty
      • Right Conduct
      • The Honor Cross of the German Mother
      • The Woman Student
      • Against the Political Woman / Engelbert Huber
    • The Social Reality
      • Does the Five O'Clock Tea Suit Our Time?
      • Fairytale Scenes on Peacock Island
      • Beautiful Gowns at the Annual Press Ball
      • Wanted: Croupiers
  3. The Foundation: Racism
    • Editor's Introduction
    • The Nordic Race as "Ideal Type" / Hans F. K. Günther
    • Racial Soul, Landscape, and World Dominion / Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss
    • The Earth-Centered Jew Lacks a Soul / Alfred Rosenberg
    • Heredity and Racial Biology for Students / Jakob Graf
    • The New Biology: Training in Racial Citizenship / Paul Brohmer
    • To Preserve the Strength of the Race: Compulsory Sterilization / Erich Ristow
  4. Building Myths and Heroes
    • Editor's Introduction
    • Nietzsche and National Socialism / Alfred Baeumler
    • A Soldier Believes in Plain Talk / Ernst Röhm
    • Michael: A German Fate / Joseph Goebbels
    • Germany Must Live / Friedrich Bubenden
    • The Difference Generations / Hanns Johst
    • Fritz Todt: Contemporary Hero / Eduard Schönleben
    • Frederick the Great: Prussian Hero / Wilhelm Ihde
    • The Diary of an SA Man's Bride / Gudrun Streiter
    • On Festivities in the School / Hermann Klauss
  5. Toward a Total Culture
    • Editor's Introduction
    • Intellectuals Must Belong to the People / Hermann Burte
    • The Birth of Intellectuals
    • Streicher the Intellectual
    • A Balance Is Necessary
    • The German Peasant Formed German History / R. Walther Darré
    • Freedom and Organization / Joseph Goebbels
    • On the National Responsibility of Publishers / Adolf Spemann
    • Goebbels Forbids Art Criticism
    • What Is German in German Art? / Kurt Karl Eberlein
    • The Poet Summoned by History / Heinrich Zillich
    • Wulfe's Manor: Two Episodes in a Peasant's Life / Josefa Berens-Totenohl
    • A Rowdy as Hero: From an Anti-Jewish Novel / Tüdel Weller
    • Events at the Prussian State Theater / Eckart von Naso
    • Playbills of the Herne City Theater, 1936–1940
    • The Winter Program of the German Radio, 1936
    • Fundamental Features of Radio Programming, 1938
    • German Films for Venice, 1938
    • The Film Public is Not So Stupid
  6. Science and National Socialism
    • Editor's Introduction
    • The Limits of Science / Philipp Lenard
    • Respect for Facts and Aptitude for Exact Observation Reside in the Nordic Race / Johannes Stark
    • Nature Presupposes a Spiritual Disposition / Bruno Thüring
    • Psychotherapy and Political World View / Kurt Gauger
    • The Physician Must Come to Terms with the Irrational / Hanns Löhr
  7. Christianity
    • Editor's Introduction
    • The Führer Bequeathed to Me by the Lord
    • Christ in the Community of Blood and Fate
    • The Task of Proclaiming Christ among the German People
    • National Socialist and Christian Concepts Are Incompatible / Martin Bormann
    • The Epistle of St. Paul Is in Error
    • To Capture Youth
    • Judaism, Christianity, and Germany / Cardinal Faulhaber
    • Nurses and Philosophy
  8. The Key: Education of Youth
    • Editor's Introduction
    • Inside the School
      • To Be Part of a Movement! / Inge Scholl
      • The Parents Abdicate / Paul Oestreich
      • Skepticism and Participation / Ilse McKee
      • The Lively Youngster
      • The Test / L. Grünberg
      • Physical Education and National Socialism
      • Ten Calories More Character / Hans Schemm
      • The Fellowship Battle
      • Racial Instruction and the National Community
      • Do Not Stand Apart! / Lucie Alexander
      • Can Youth Be National Socialist? / Rudolph Ramlow
    • A Schoolbook Sampler
      • The Führer of Elementary-School Children
      • From the Oak Tree to Certain Victory / Wilhelm Steckelings
      • The Sun as a Symbol of Dedicated Youth / Baldur von Schirach
      • A Flight Through the Storm and Hitler's Mission / Otto Dietrich
      • Essays with Right Answers
    • The Pressures Outside the School
      • The Hitler Youth / Baldur von Schirach
      • The Development of the SS Man
    • The University Community
      • The Renovation of the Academic Community / Gerhard Krüger
      • Work Is Future / Werner Beumelburg
      • Admission to the Friedrich-Wilhelm University of Berlin
      • New Courses for a New Reich
      • The Nature of Academic Freedom / Walter Schultze
      • Jewish Graduates Are Numbers, Not Persons
  9. What is the State and Who Are Its Citizens?
    • Editor's Introduction
    • Public Law in a New Context / Carl Schmitt
    • Civil Rights and the Natural Inequality of Man / Wilhelm Stuckart and Hans Globke
    • The Reich Citizenship Law
    • The Jew Is Outside the Law / Walther Buch
    • Anchoring the Civil Service in the Nation / Roland Freisler
  10. Workers and Shopkeepers
    • Editor's Introduction
    • The Worker: Ideal and Reality
      • Statistics on Occupational Composition of Members of the Nazi Party
      • The Struggle for the Achievement of German Socialism
      • The Correct Attitude Toward Work
      • Plant Managers—This Must Not Be!
      • A Wage Freeze for Stenographers
      • The Conversion of "Comrade" Muller / Walter Dach
    • The Bill is Presented
      • What the German People Pay in Taxes, 1939
      • The Cost of Living, 1933–1937
      • They Who Serve Are Well Paid
      • The Situation of the German Retail Trade
      • Throttling the Retail Trade
      • The Price Police
      • A Butcher Resists
  11. The Assumption of Power
    • Editor's Introduction
    • Our Town under the Swastika / Otto Michael Knab
    • The Changed Tempo of Life: The City of Herne
    • The Nazis Take Over Cologne
    • Little Things Create Pressures / Hermann Stresau
    • Vanishing Friends / Erich Ebermayer
Physical Description xli, 386 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 22 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherNew York : Grosset & Dunlap
EditionFirst Edition
NotesIncludes bibliographical references
RecognitionGifted in 2016 by David Albaum