Margot H. testimony 1995
Still image from Margaret H. Holocaust testimony, August 18, 1995.
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Margot H. testimony 1995

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDMH9508_01_VA
AVT #113
Date of Recording18 August 1995

InterviewerMartz, Fraidie
IntervieweeHowell, Margot
Duration1h 37m 1.0s
SynopsisMargot H. was born on May 16, 1927 in Vienna, Austria. She describes her family. She recalls attending school. She recalls visiting her relatives in the Jewish district. Margot describes watching Nazi troops march into the city. She recalls how SS officers entered their home and arrested her father, who returned a couple of days later. Margot recalls having to change schools to attend a Jewish school. She describes her parents’ decision to send her away to England with the help of a teacher. She recalls having new clothes made for the trip. She recalls saying goodbye to her parents at the train station. She describes travel by train through Holland and then by boat to Harwich, England. She recalls meeting her foster mother there and then traveling by train to their home in Reading. She recalls having her clothes from Vienna taken away. She explains that her foster family was Christian and how she attended school at a Catholic convent. She remembers when war was declared between the United Kingdom and Germany. She recalls her loneliness and the lack of affection. She describes how the Jewish committee had her transferred to a Jewish school so that she could receive more Jewish education. She recalls receiving some correspondence from her parents but that their situation was not explained to her. She believes one of the letters was sent from a concentration camp. Margot describes starting to work and training as a nurse then as a midwife. She explains that she learned about her parents being sent to Poland through the Red Cross after the war. She explains why she kept her Jewishness hidden during this time. She describes meeting her husband. She describes their decision to immigrate to Canada. She describes their life in Toronto and Vancouver. She describes how she coped with her husband’s unexpected death. She describes confronting her past and grieving her parents with the help of a psychiatrist. She describes telling her children that she was Jewish and about her past. She describes joining a survivor group. She discusses loneliness and feelings of loss. She describes returning to Vienna. She discusses returning to England to see her foster mother. Margot describes her children and being parent. Margot shows photographs. 
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NoteTestimony recorded simultaneously on video and audio cassette.
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