• Still image from Jan V. Holocaust testimony, July 25, 1995.
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Jan V. testimony 1995 [video recording]

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDJV9507_03_VA
Date of Recording25 July 1995

InterviewerWeibe, Robyn
IntervieweeVerkerk, Jan
Duration1h 34m 24.0s
SynopsisJan V., a Christian rescuer, was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He describes his family and their religious background. He recalls attending public school with Jewish children and discusses his perception of the Dutch attitude towards Jews. He recalls increased anti-Jewish laws and discrimination after the German occupation. Jan describes how he became involved in the Dutch underground through the minister at his liberal Protestant church. He recalls being contacted about helping to find foster homes to hide Jewish children in the town of Arnhem where he was living. He discusses how they identified families and arranged for children to go into hiding. He recalls making a connection with the Roman Catholic community who also assisted placing children. He discusses the risks and their limited knowledge of the concentration camps. Jan describes an incident placing a baby with a family, which ultimately led to his exposure. He recalls going in to hiding after this incident to avoid arrest. He recalls daily life and working while under German occupation. He discusses the stress and anxiety he experienced working with the underground resistance. He discusses his faith. He describes returning to Holland in 1991. He discusses his experience sharing his story in Canada and with his children.
Other Holding InstitutionsFortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies (repository)
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Time-coded summary

Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.