• The politics of genocide : the Holocaust in Hungary, volume I
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The politics of genocide : the Holocaust in Hungary, volume I

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Call Number943.905 B81p v. 1
Dates1981; ©1981
Statement of ResponsibilityRandolph L. Braham.
Creators & ContributorsBraham, Randolph L. (author)
  1. Prelude to Destruction
  2. From Consolidation to Proto-Fascism
  3. The Jewish Community of Hungary Before the Destruction
  4. The Beginning of the End
  5. The Teleki Era
  6. The Bárdossy Era
  7. The Kállay Era
  8. Treatment of Hungarian Jews in German Occupied Europe
  9. The First Mass Deportation Plans
  10. The Labor Service System
  11. The Road to Destruction
  12. The Occupation Forces and Authorities
  13. Formation of the Sztójay Goverment
  14. The Jewish Council
  15. The First Anti-Jewish Measures
  16. The Processes of Economic Destruction
  17. Ghettoization: Phase I
  18. Zone II: Northern Transylvania
  19. Deportation
  20. Zone III: Northern Hungary
  21. Zone IV: Southern Hungary East of the Danube
  22. The Last Phase: Zones V and VII and Auschwitz
  23. The Conspiracy of Silence
  24. Fate of the Jews of Budapest
  25. From the End of the Deportations to the Szálasi Coup
  26. The Szálasi Era
  27. Treatment of Foreign Jews in Hungary
  28. Treatment of Hungarian Jews Abroad
  29. Rescue and Resistance
  30. The Attitude and Reactions of the Christian Churches
  31. International Reaction and Intervention
  32. Liberation, Restitution, Retribution
Appendix 1. Administration of the Labor Service System in the Ministry of Defense: 1944
Appendix 2. Labor Service Companies Authorized for Transfer to the Germans
Appendix 3. Major Anti-Jewish Decrees Issued Between March 29 and December 6, 1944
Appendix 4. Hungarian and Foreign Jewish Authors Whose Works Were Banned
Physical Description xlii, 594 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Carrier Typevolume
  • Includes bibliographical references
  • National Jewish Book Award (Holocaust category), 1981
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