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Genocide, critical issues of the Holocaust : a companion volume to the film, Genocide

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Genocide, critical issues of the Holocaust : a companion volume to the film, Genocide
Call No: 940.5318 G335 1983 (in processing)

Call Number940.5318 G335 1983 (in processing)
Dates1983; ©1983
Statement of Responsibilityedited by Alex Grobman and Daniel Landes ; associate editor, Sybil Milton.
Summary"Just as the Academy Award-winning film, Genocide, attempted to personalize the many aspects of the Holocaust, this volume attempts to place within our grasp the epochal questions this personalization forces us to face. Is the Holocaust merely one of a series of genocides to be found in virtually every historic period, or is there something unique about the systematic murder of European Jews? The evidence gathered here is overwhelming. The Holocaust was a unique event, a novum, in part because its primary victims, the Jews of Europe, were unique in the context of European history... the Holocaust changed the course of subsequent human history. The echoes reverberate. How does one confront God in the aftermath? How did the victims confront God? How does one teach Jewish children that at a certain historical juncture their people were considered bacilli; eradicated like so much vermin? Can such a page of history be ingested without lacerating the Jewish self-image? How did non-Jews behave in those fateful years? Did American Jews know enough to do more than they did? Who shall be held accountable? In consuming its Jews by fire, Europe, not Nazi Germany alone, destroyed its own most representative children in a massive and unprecedented act of cannibalism. By perverting the very ethos and technology which allowed Western civilization to dominate the world, Europe set the stage for itself to become the backwater of history. It hardly possesses the will today to defend itself. And how could it be otherwise with Auschwitz in its closet... [This volume] is the summary of four decades of study and deliberation, aimed--like the film Genocide itself--at improving the world by making us all aware of our true nature, and the reality within which we must operate." —Book jacket
ContentsApproaching Genocide and the Holocaust / Alex Grobman -- Sensitive issues about Holocaust films / Sybil Milton -- Modesty and self-dignity in Holocaust films / Daniel Landes -- Eastern European Jews before World War II / Steven M. Lowenstein -- Western European Jews before World War II / Steven M. Lowenstein -- The life and culture of Sephardic Jews before World War II / Jane Gerber -- And under every roof they would sing / David G. Roskies -- Impressions of religious life of the shtetl before World War II / Zalman F. Ury -- Aspects of hasidic life in Eastern Europe before World War II / Nehemia Polen -- Jewish religious leadership in Germany: its cultural and religious outlook / David Ellenson -- The theological roots of antisemitism: a Christian view / Paul M. van Buren -- Luther and the Jews / Franklin Sherman -- Why the Jew?: modern antisemitism / Yisrael Gutman -- The geography of the Holocaust / Henry Friedlander -- The history of the Holocaust / Yisrael Gutman -- The fate of Sephardic and Oriental Jews during the Holocaust / Jane Gerber -- Timeline / Ephraim Zuroff -- The German bureaucracy and the Holocaust / Christopher R. Browning -- The SS and police ; The perpetrators / Henry Friedlander -- Deportations / Christopher R. Browning -- The ghettos / Yisrael Gutman -- Life in the ghettos of Eastern Europe / Solon Beinfeld -- The battles of the ghettos / Yisrael Gutman -- Spiritual responses in the ghettos / Daniel Landes -- Eastern European Jews in the partisan ranks during World War II / Dov Levin -- The Nazi camps / Henry Friedlander -- Surviving / Henry Friedlander and Sybil Milton -- Life in the camps: the psychological dimension / Sheryl Robbin -- Attempts at resistance in the camps / Alex Grobman -- Rebellions in the camps: three revolts in the face of death / Yisrael Gutman -- Spiritual responses in the camps / Daniel Landes -- The righteous who helped Jews / Sybil Milton -- The Holocaust: failure in Christian leadership? / John T. Pawlikowski -- The importance of wartime priorities in the failure to rescue Jews / Henry L. Feingold -- Could American Jews have done more? / Henry L. Feingold -- From the Holocaust to the establishment of the State of Israel / Alex Grobman -- The European Jewish communities after the Holocaust / Joel S. Fishman -- The impact of the Holocaust on Sephardic and Oriental Jews / Jane Gerber -- Renewal of religious life after the Holocaust / Daniel Landes -- Aspects of psychological trauma in Holocaust survivors and their children / Robert Krell -- Nuernberg and other trials / Henry Friedlander -- Simon Wiesenthal: the man, the mission, his message / Abraham Cooper -- World War II Nazis in the United States / Martin Mendelsohn -- How unique is the Holocaust? / Henry L. Feingold -- The threefold covenant: Jewish belief after the Holocaust / Daniel Landes -- Implications of the Holocaust for the Christian churches / John T. Pawlikowski -- A Jewish reflection on Christian responses / Daniel Landes -- The Holocaust and Israel / Daniel Landes
Physical Description viii, 501 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherLos Angeles : The Simon Wiesenthal Center;Chappaqua, NY : Rossel Books
EditionFirst Edition
NotesBibliography: pages 481–485; Includes index
RecognitionGifted in 2019 by Kit Krieger in memory of Else Dunner (z'l)