Shalom L. & Israel L. testimony 1995
Still image from Shalom and Israel L. Holocaust testimony, August 25, 1995.
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Shalom L. & Israel L. testimony 1995

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDSLIL9508_02_VA
AVT #114
Date of Recording25 August 1995

InterviewerFell, Charlene
Duration1h 43m 42.0s
LanguageEnglish, Hungarian
SynopsisIsrael L. was born in Subotica, Yugoslavia [now Serbia] in 1936. Shalom L. was born in 1940. They describe their extended family. Israel explains that they attended a Jewish school and spoke Hungarian at home. He describes the Jewish community and their Orthodox life. Their family lived in Yugoslavia until their father was taken for slave labour and then they moved with their mother to Budapest. He recalls having to wear the yellow star and increased antisemitism. He describes the wealthy family that they were staying with. He describes a round up where his family was put on a train and transferred to Bácsalmás, Hungary. Israel explains how his mother’s cousin worked with Rudolf Kasztner. Shalom explains how their family was part of the group of Jews traded for trucks and ended up in Switzerland. Israel describes how their group was kept separate and did not go through selection at Bergen Belsen. Shalom recalls his experience in Bergen Belsen camp and forced marches. Israel describes the living conditions and food rations. He describes the morning appell and their daily routine. Israel describes leaving the camp by train and arriving in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland. The group was then taken to Caux where the adults stayed in a hotel and the children were taken to an institution. They recall being transferred between institutions. Israel recalls their education in Switzerland and living conditions. They discovered that their father was still alive and their mother and sister went to live with him in Belgium. In 1948, Shalom and Israel joined them and the family immigrated to Israel. Shalom describes the voyage by boat. They discuss growing up in Israel, getting married, and having children. Shalom discusses moving to Canada in 1969. They discuss their faith. They discuss sharing their experiences. They discuss depictions of the Holocaust in films and media. They discuss Holocaust denial.
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NoteIsrael pauses often throughout the interview to tell part of his story to Shalom in Hungarian. Shalom translates to English. Testimony was simultaneously recorded on video and audio cassette.
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Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.