Halford W. testimony 1982
Halford W. Holocaust testimony interviewed by Robert Krell, March 16, 1983
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Halford W. testimony 1982

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDHW8211_01_VA
AVT #1
Date of Recording03 November 1982

InterviewerKrell, Robert
Duration1h 20m 52.0s
SynopsisHalford W. describes his participation in Vancouver politics as an alderman for six years prior to joining the Canadian army in 1942. His describes his first posting with the American army as part of a task force linked with the French underground clearing the docks in Brest, France. Halford describes entering Esterwegen camp, trying to locate the commandant, and finding a photo album in the commandant’s quarters. He discusses the arrest of the commandant and interactions with the German guards. He recalls seeing prisoners in the camp hospital. He discusses his recruitment for a position in the military government in Friesland and Wangerooge, Germany after the war based on his previous city council experience. He discusses the denazification process after the war. Halford shows the Esterwegen camp photo album throughout the interview and describes several photographs in detail. He also shows photographs of exhumed bodies taken by the French underground to document atrocities. He shows and discusses photographs of Nazi propaganda and artefacts taken during the denazification program. 
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NoteTestimony simultaneously recorded on video and audio cassette.
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