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Klaus Barbie : the shocking story of how the U.S. used this Nazi war criminal as an intelligence agent : a first hand account

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Klaus Barbie : the shocking story of how the U.S. used this Nazi war criminal as an intelligence agent : a first hand account
Call No: 940.548673 D11k

Call Number940.548673 D11k
Dates[1984]; ©1984
Statement of Responsibilityby Erhard Dabringhaus.
Creators & ContributorsDabringhaus, Erhard (author)
Barbie, Klaus (subject)
Dabringhaus, Erhard (subject)
SummaryErhard Dabringhaus, emeritus professor of German at Wayne State University, "was stationed [in 1948] in Augsburg, Germany with the U.S. Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC). He became the Control Officer of Klaus Barbie, the notorious 'Butcher of Lyon,' who headed an active information network for the U.S.... [This volume offers Dabringhaus's] eyewitness account of how and why this notorious war criminal was recruited by the U.S. Military Intelligence Servicehow he was protected from his French pursuers and how he happened to serve longer in the Allied Cause than for the Germans." Back cover

shares this account of his time as a member of the U.S. Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in 1948. He was stationed in Augsburg, Germany, where he met Klaus Barbie and worked with him for nearly a year as the head of an information network Klaus Barbie had organized and offered to the American Intelligence community for a price. Dabringhaus describes how he he was asked to bring Klaus Barbie and Kurt Merk from the town of Memminger to Augsburg where Dabringhaus met with them regularly to edit information they provided. For this service, Dabringhaus was authorized to pay $1,700 per month. Dabringhaus claims he had instructions from his CIC unit to deny to French Intelligence agents that he knew Klaus Barbie's whereabouts.
  1. The Shock of Recognition
  2. The Beginning of U.S./U.S.S.R. Friction
  3. Who Hired Klaus Barbie?
  4. Barbie Worked For Me
  5. Two Star Witnesses Eliminated: One Dead, One Missing
  6. Barbie Not the Only SS Chief on the U.S. Payroll
  7. Barbie Fails to Turn Hardy Into a Double Agent
  8. Justice Department and Congressional Aides Check My Story
  9. Whitewash!!!
  10. Barbie Spends 32 Years in Bolivia, Now Awaits Trial in France
Appendix I. Memorandum from CIC Headquarters on various options how the U.S. may disassociate itself from Barbie
Appendix II. History of the Rat Line as reported by Headquarters of the U.S. Forces in Austria
Physical Description 207 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherWashington, DC : Acropolis Books Ltd.
NotesIncludes index
RecognitionGifted in 2019 by Stuart Michelson