• "Nail" Hitler board and card game
    "Nail" Hitler game board
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"Nail" Hitler board and card game

Museum Work

Resource TypeObjects
Date of Creation1939 [manufactured]
GenreSports & Recreation
Object ID2019.050.001
Place of CreationCanada
DescriptionAnti-Nazi paper board game with an illustrated square gameboard, instruction sheet and suggestion note printed with black ink and craft paper envelope printed with red, blue and black ink, made and copyrighted in Canada in 1939. The gameboard features a center caricature of Hitler; players roll dice to advance around the game route which includes a section called the Chamberlain Umbrella and a No Man's Land. Players are to supply their own deck of cards and chips.
Materials/Techniquespaper, ink
Measurementsenvelope: 21.59 x 29.21 cm; game board: 63.183 x 63.5 cm
InscriptionsEnvelope: center, top line printed in blue ink, middle in black, bottom red: WARTIME CARD GAME / “NAIL” HITLER / Fascinating for Grown-Ups – Easy for Youngsters lower left : COPYRIGHTED, 1939. / MADE IN CANADA
Game board: center: “NAIL” / [image of Hitler] / HITLER bottom left, outside game board, printed in black ink : COPYRIGHTED 1939. NO. 23865. From bottom left corner: QUEEN, black ink in middle of red heart; JACK, black ink in middle of red heart; KING, black ink in middle of red heart, Chamberlain Umbrella with black umbrella beneath text, ACE, black ink in middle of red heart, KING and QUEEN, black ink in middle of red heart, TEN, black ink in middle of red heart, fence with barbed wire NO MAN’S LAND written in black under fence. In center is word “NAIL,” image of Hitler’s head with a hat underneath, and text below: HITLER.
Instructions: title and first line, at bottom after instructions: HOW TO “NAIL” HITLER / ANY NUMBER OF PERSON CAN PLAY AT ONE TIME / A DECK OF CARDS AND CHIPS ARE REQUIRED
Suggestion note: title and first line: A suggestion / If you enjoy this game, why not get another and send it to your friends.
ProvenanceDonated to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre in 2019 by Mark Douglas.

The board game was first obtained by David James "Jim" Douglas, collector of toy trains and board and dice games. He passed this game on to his son, Mark Douglas, in the 1970s, who kept it until donating it to the VHEC. Mark Douglas donated this artefact in honour of his father and Edwin Morgenstern, who never met, but both actively served in the Second World War to defeat Hitler's fascist regime. Their children are now connected in marriage.
Classificationgameboards (board game elements)
Legal Statuspermanent collection
Owner's Credit LineIn memory of Edwin Morgenstern and David James Douglas