[Drawing of house]
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[Drawing of house]

Archival Item

Resource TypeStill Images
Title NoteThe supplied title proper is based on the content of the drawing.
Date of Creation[ca. 1945]
GenreArts & Culture
Extent & Medium1 drawing : pencil on paper ; 12.5 x 20.5 cm
Scope & ContentItem is a freehand drawing of the house in which Sorensen hid. The Dutch words NOOIT GEDACHT are framed above the two top story windows. This translates to “never thought.”
NotePhysical description note: Transmitted light reveals laid and chain lines, which suggests that the paper is handmade.
Physical condition note: The item is extremely fragile. The drawing exhibits indications of aging, handling, and storage. There are several stains or signs of molding on both the right- and left-hand side of the recto; these marks continue through to the verso. Three vertical folds occur in the drawing’s left and right quadrants and along the middle. Smaller folds and tears appear along the edges of the paper. Aging can be seen in the subtle fading of the pencil.