Still image from Peter G Holocaust testimony, September 14, 1993.
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Peter G. testimony 1993 [video recording]

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDPG9309_01_VA
Date of Recording14 September 1993

InterviewerKrell, Robert
IntervieweeGary, Peter
Duration1h 58m 19.0s
SynopsisPeter G. was born in Mokra Wieś, Poland on April 15, 1924 while his parents were on a business trip away from their home in Budapest, Hungary. He describes his family and upper-middle class upbringing. He recalls his musical education. He describes changes to the community and his father’s business. Peter describes how his father was helping Jewish refugees fleeing Czechoslovakia. He describes his family’s arrest. He describes surviving a mass killing. He recalls his escape and being smuggled into the Warsaw ghetto. Peter describes his transport via train to Majdanek camp. He describes the selection process and volunteering for work as a locksmith. He recalls instances of abuse and violence in the camp. He describes his transfer to Dachau and forced labour. He describes his transfer to Bergen Belsen, meeting other Hungarians, and meeting a rabbi. He recalls liberation by British troops. Peter describes working as an interpreter for the American military. He describes testifying before a Nuremberg trial sub-committee and other denazification trials in Germany. He recalls reuniting with his father in Hungary. Peter describes immigrating to New York and working various jobs. He discusses attending therapy sessions. He discusses becoming involved in Holocaust survivor groups speaking in schools. He describes his post-war musical education and teaching. He discusses his music compositions as a response to the Holocaust. He discusses friendship in the camps. He discusses coincidences and fate. 
Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.