Witness : passing the torch of Holocaust memory to new generations
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Witness : passing the torch of Holocaust memory to new generations

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Witness : passing the torch of Holocaust memory to new generations
Call No: 940.5315 M315 2015

Call Number940.5315 M315 2015
Dates[2015]; ©2015
Statement of Responsibilitycompiled by Eli Rubenstein with March of the Living.
Creators & ContributorsWiesel, Elie (related)
Libman, Faigie (related)
Boraks-Nemetz, Lillian (related)
Rubenstein, Eli (compiler)
Album, Trudy (related)
Aud, Asher (related)
Birenbaum, Halina (related)
Bolgar, Teddy (related)
Carrier, Rick (related)
Cohen, Judy Weissenberg (related)
Cymbler, Irving (related)
Dorsey, Mickey (related)
Ehrmann, Ella (related)
Ehrmann, Ernest (related)
Eisen, Max (related)
Ekstein, Anita (related)
Heilman, Anna (related)
Gelbman, Eva (related)
Glauben, Max (related)
Glied, Bill (related)
Gutman, Sylvia Ruth (related)
Gutter, Pinchas (related)
Iland, Max (related)
Koss, Olga (related)
Kozminski, Jerzy (related)
Krygier, Bronka (related)
Krynski, Stanislaw (related)
Krynski, Zygmunt (related)
Lau, Israel Meir (related)
Leipciger, Nathan (related)
Lerman, Miles (related)
Lowy, Frank (related)
Puchalski-Maciejewskai, Krystyna (related)
Mandel, Joe (related)
Margol, Hilbert (related)
Roth, Irving (related)
Schondorf, Mayer (related)
Schondorf, Rena (related)
Shentow, David (related)
Turkin, Eva (related)
Turkin, Mikolaj (related)
Waisman, Robbie (related)
Wasserman, Sally (related)
Zak, Czeslawa (related)
Zakrojczyk, Miriam (related)
Zandman, Felix (related)
Zoltak, Sidney (related)
Francis, Pope (contributor)
Rosenman, Shmuel (contributor)
March of the Living (Organization) (contributor)
March of the Living (Organization) (subject)
Summary"For more than 25 years the March of the Living has brought together survivors and students from all over the world to ensure that firsthand accounts of the Holocaust are not lost. During their visits to Poland, where millions of innocent people were enslaved and murdered by Nazi Germany during WWII, survivors, those who helped them, and liberators all share their memories with young people. As they walk through concentration camps, ghettos, and towns depleted of Jewish communities, a special bond forms as the original witnesses to the Holocaust pass their mantle to a new generation whose task it is to remember what they hear and see. Moving photographs and personal accounts show us the remarkable passing of the torch to the young of many faiths and cultures who become the new witnesses, carrying the torch toward a future of peace." —Back cover
ContentsMessage from His Holiness, Pope Francis
Dear reader / Dr. Shmuel Rosenman
  1. What happened? And to whom?
  2. Where it took place and who let it happen
  3. Who resisted? And how?
  4. We who survived
  5. Survivors and students: passing the torch of memory
  6. The commitment of a new generation of witnesses
Faces of the march
The March of the Living
Physical Description 130 pages : illustrations (chiefly colour), map ; 23 x 29 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherToronto : Second Story Press
  • "Portions of book based on United Nations Exhibit, 'When you Listen to a Witness You become a Witness,' Created by Eli Rubenstein and Lara Silberklang." page 129
  • Survivors, Righteous Among the Nations and Liberators featured: Trudy Album (p. 89), Asher Aud (p. 88), Halina Birenbaum (p. 70), Teddy Bolgar (p. 96), Lillian Boraks-Nemetz (p. 77), Rick Carrier (Liberator, p. 54), Judy Weissenberg Cohen (p. 76), Irving Cymbler (p. 59), Mickey Dorsey (Liberator, pp. 52, 53), Ella Ehrmann (p. 94), Ernest Ehrmann (p. 65), Max Eisen (p. 68), Anita Ekstein (pp. 33, 95), Anna Heilman z'l (p. 26), Eva Gelbman (p. 97), Max Glauben (p. 60), Bill Glied (p. 85), Sylvia Ruth Gutman (p. 66, 80), Pinchas Gutter (p. 62), Max Iland (p. 81), Olga Koss (p. 51), Jerzy Kozminski z'l (Righteous Among the Nations, p. 46), Bronka Krygier z'l (pp. 42–43), Stanislaw & Zygmunt Krynski (Righteous Among the Nations, pp. 48–49), Rabbi Israel Meir Lau (p. 92), Nate Leipciger (pp. 71, 82, 83), Miles Lerman z'l (p. 33), Faigie Libman (p. 58), Frank Lowy (p. 67), Krystyna Puchalski-Maciejewskai (Righteous Among the Nations, p, 50), Joe Mandel (p. 52), Hilbert Margol (Liberator, p. 55), Irving Roth (p. 54), Mayer Schondorf z'l (p. 84), Rena Schondorf (p. 86), David Shentow (p. 71), Eva and Mikolaj Turkin z'l (Righteous Among the Nations, p. 91), Robbie Waisman (pp. 92–93), Sally Wasserman (pp. 90–91), Elie Wiesel (p. 13), Czeslawa Zak (Righteous Among the Nations, p. 51), Miriam Zakrojczyk (p. 51), Felix Zandman (p. 50), Sidney Zoltak (pp. 48–49)