Still image from Bernard G. Holocaust testimony, December 7, 1989.
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Bernard G. testimony 1989 [video recording]

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDBG8912_01_VA
Date of Recording07 December 1989

InterviewerKrell, Robert
Duration1h 39m 16.0s
SynopsisBernard G. was born in Zhetel [Dyatlovo, Belarus] on October 10, 1915. He describes his family. He recalls attending yeshiva and describes the Jewish community. He describes being drafted into the Polish army and his service in the cavalry for two years. Bernard recounts being recalled to the military in 1939. He recalls the German invasion and retreating to Warsaw then near Modlin. He describes being a Jewish prisoner of war and imprisonment in a stalag. He describes forced labour duties. He recalls transfer to Biała Podlaska then Konskowola, Poland. He describes transfer to Budzyn subcamp and working as a cook. He describes a resistance group in the camp. He describes witnessing violence, mass killings, and deportations to camps. He describes transfer to Plaszow, forced labour disinterring bodies, and subsequent nightmares. Bernard recalls deportation to Gross-Rosen. He discusses his transfer to Schindler’s factory in Brünnlitz and sabotaging production. He describes the hanging of a Nazi officer. He describes liberation by Soviet troops. He discusses learning his family had been killed. He recalls travelling to Lublin, Prague, and then Germany staying in DP camps. He describes attempting to emigrate to Israel with assistance from Haganah. He recalls receiving correspondence from his brother in Canada via the Red Cross. He describes emigration to Canada in 1947. He describes his marriages and children. Bernard shows photographs and a yizkor book.
Other Holding InstitutionsFortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies (repository)
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Time-coded summary

Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.