• Prisoner badge belonging to Julie Gutovich
    Photographed by Shyla Seller
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Prisoner badge belonging to Julie Dottner [Gutovich]

Museum Work

Resource TypeObjects
GenreClothing, Jewellery & Textiles;Identity, Migration & Travel
Object ID2019.100.001
Place of CreationParschnitz labour camp
DescriptionCircular prisoner badge with identification number written on cloth. Cloth circle has been encased in plastic and hand stitched around edge. Hole punctured at top of badge. Identification number written on both sides. 
Materials/Techniquescloth, plastic, ink
Measurements3.6 cm
ProvenanceGifted to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre in 2019 by Julie Gutovich. 

The donor was issued the badge with her identification number as a prisoner in Parschnitz labour camp (later: Poříčí). She was required to wear it at all times on a string. 
Legal Statuspermanent collection