Holocaust and genocide studies : an international journal. Volume 4, Number 4

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Statement of ResponsibilityEditor-in-chief, Yehuda Bauer ; chairman of the Editorial Board, Elie Wiesel.
Creators & ContributorsWiesel, Elie (contributor)
Bauer, Yehuda (editor)
  • From the Editor
  • The Einsatzgruppen: the Question of Their Initial Operations / Ronald Headland
  • Tikkun as Response to Tragedy: Em Habanim Smeha of Rabbi Yissakhar Shlomo Teichthal—Budapest, 1943 / Pesach Schindler
  • Medical Selection: Auschwitz Antecedents and Effluent / William E. Seidelman
  • Gender Distinction in the Genocidal Process: A Preliminary Study of the Armenian Case / Eliz Sanasarian
  • Philosemitism—the Whitewashing of the Yellow Badge in West Germany 1945–1952 / Frank Stern
  • Jewish Victims of Repression in Argentina under Military Rule (1976–1983) / Edy Kaufman
  • Book Reviews
  • Letter to the Editor / Efraim Zuroff
  • Response / Gershon Greenberg
  • Biographies of Contributors to this Issue
  • Major Research and Resource Centres on the Holocaust
  • Announcement
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherOxford : Pergamon Press



Wiesel, Elie (contributor)

Bauer, Yehuda (editor)