Broken Threads: The Destruction of the Jewish Fashion Industry in Germany and Austria; From Aryanization to Cultural Loss

Exhibition TypeIn-house exhibition
Event Date1999
VenueVancouver Holocaust Education Centre
DescriptionBroken Threads presents over forty years of German fashion (18951938), including exquisite men’s and women’s apparel and accessories created by German and Austrian Jewish designers. The exhibition examines a unique and unexplored aspect of Holocaust history: the methodical destruction of Jewish involvement in the fashion industry. Jews had been prominent in the fashion industry in Germany and Austria for over a hundred years, but Nazism changed that forever. Forced from their homes and businesses, excluded from occupations and cultural life, Jews disappeared. Along with them went the fashion prominence of Berlin and Vienna. Beginning with the boycotts of 1933 and escalating to the expropriation of businesses, expulsions and deportations, Broken Threads is a microcosm of the larger devastation of the Holocaust.