Resistance and Rescue: Denmark’s Response to the Holocaust

Originating InstitutionThanks To Scandinavia
Exhibition TypeTravelling exhibition
Event DateMarch 28, 1995–May 10, 1995
VenueVancouver Holocaust Education Centre
DescriptionDuring the Holocaust, thousands of people participated in rescue efforts to save human lives, knowing that if they were caught by the Nazis, they risked their lives. Resistance and Rescue is a photographic exhibition that memorializes and publicizes the humanity and bravery of the people of Denmark in rescuing their Jewish citizens. Thanks to the actions of the entire Danish nation, and the willingness of Sweden to accept Jewish refugees, more than 90 percent of Jewish Danes escaped deportation and certain death. The exhibition presents contemporary black and white photographs of the rescuers and rescued. It raises questions about moral decision-making and what moved a nation to act when countless others in the world stood by.