Fragments: Personal Artefacts of Local Holocaust Survivors

Exhibition TypeIn-house exhibition
Event DateFebruary 27, 2000–April 14, 2000
VenueVancouver Holocaust Education Centre
DescriptionFragments features authentic artefacts from the collection of the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre, each with a unique and powerful story to tell. Most of the objectsranging from a yellow star, to ghetto money to forged documentsare on display for the first time. These objects attest to the power of artefacts to educate by raising questions about how they arrived in Canada, their meaning for survivors, and their significance as documentary evidence of the Holocaust. Survivors and their documents, photographs and artefacts are inextricably linked. In many cases the survivor has taken extraordinary measures to save these fragile, tangible fragments of their history: concrete evidence that attests to the events of the Holocaust.