The Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust: One Man Takes a Stand

Originating InstitutionArmin T. Wegner Society USA
Exhibition TypeTravelling exhibition
Event DateJanuary 26, 2009–May 22, 2009
VenueVancouver Holocaust Education Centre
DescriptionArmin T. Wegner (18861978) witnessed and documented the Armenian genocide while serving in the German army during the Second World War, and later became exiled from Nazi Germany. This remarkable collection of images of Armenian deportation camps speaks to the possibilities of photography as a form of resistance. A prolific writer and activist, Wegner campaigned for Armenian and Jewish human rights between the wars. In April 1933 he authored an impassioned plea to Adolf Hitler on behalf of the Jews of Germany. His act of protest and subsequent imprisonment in several Nazi concentration camps prompted Yad Vashem, Israel to honour Wegner as Righteous Among the Nations.