What Words Could Not Express: Art by Survivors Henri Pieck, Ester Lurie and Janina Tollik

Event Date2001
DescriptionSome works of art that were secretly produced during the Holocaust managed to survive the devastation that they sought to record. These sketches and drawings speak of the hardships, horrors and simple acts of humanity of the time. They attest to the courage of artists who used lines on paper as acts of resistance. What Words Could Not Express brings together the work of three such artists for the first time. The Dutch artist Henri Pieck captured his experiences as a political prisoner of Buchenwald, while Esther Lurie documented life behind the barbed wire fence of the Kovno ghetto and the Polish artist and member of the resistance movement Janina Tollik recorded the brutality of Auschwitz. Together, these works are unmatched in the power of their imagery.