May 31, 1944

Exhibition TypeIn-house exhibition
Event DateJune 12, 2002–August 30, 2002
VenueVancouver Holocaust Education Centre
DescriptionMay 31, 1944, was a significant date in the lives of many European Jews. For Isabelle Leitner, it was the day that her family, who were deported from Hungary, arrived in Auschwitz. On May 31, 1944, another group of fortunate Jewish refugees arrived in Philadelphia on a refugee ship that had been stopped mid-ocean by the Germans. Upon their arrival in the US, seventy-four Jewish refugees were taken by train to Canada. On that same day, the Gestapo arrested twenty-eight Jewish children and their young guide who were caught trying to cross the border from France to safety in Switzerland. Included in the exhibition was an art folio created by book artist Philip Gallo and artist Gerson Leiber, May 31, 1944 incorporates illustrations, photos and survivor testimony to examine some of the events on this date in order to show the interrelatedness of seemingly unconnected events during the Holocaust.